handmade craft in cuba exactly in Havana

Where to buy handmade crafts in Cuba

If you are vacationing in Cuba, something that can’t go amiss in your suitcase upon your return is a souvenir gift. Whether at the request of a friend or simply as a memento for yourself, buying handmade crafts can be a good choice for a gift. In Havana there are four main artisan fairs; two in El Vedado and another two in Old Havana. At el Malecón, right by Paseo street, you will find the first; while you will discover the second one very close to the Habana Libre Hotel, at calle 23 between M and N, downtown. In Old Havana, the fairs are also located at very popular and touristic spots: t...

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afrocuban drums in ceremony in cuba

The drum ceremony in Cuban Santeria

The drum ceremony in Cuban Santeria is an event that is not often possible to record. Here, I bring you a video showing how it is. Initiation in Yoruba religion is a true feast for the soul and body. This is the end of a long process linking man to Orishas. After overcoming several stages in which the person being initiated receives the necklaces, and together with his godfather, he is crowned and sacrifices are offered to the gods. This Santeria ceremony ends with a great party, “a beating of the drums” that will last an entire day. In Afro-Cuban ceremonies, which are ...

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how to eat cheap in cuba

Where and how to eat on the cheap in Cuba

When vacationing in the Island, you should be aware of where and how to eat on the cheap in Cuba. You will find several options where you will be able to taste the authentic Cuban cuisine. In your visit to Havana, you will find several luxury restaurants, but if you decide to visit the Island on a budget, there you will also find small cafeterias and restaurants where you will be able to eat for just a few bucks. Private lodging homes usually offer well-prepared dishes, and are not overly expensive. In this video, you will see how one of my trips is, and what meals we are served at private homes. ...

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cuban key a blue paradise

How to visit the keys from Havana

While on your trip to Cuba, you will find a true tropical paradise on the keys of this Island. At the Cuban keys you will find a dreamlike setting, surrounded by lush nature and away from all the noise. There, you will encounter the ideal spot to take refuge during your vacations. ...

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taxi cuban is an old car

How much does a taxi cost in Havana

If it is the first time you travel to Cuba, this article will certainly be of help, since the subject of taxis is pure insanity. If you compound that with the fact that they handle two currencies, you may feel confused or it may even result to be expensive. I hope you find this information and tips I’m offering to be of help. - The taxi trip from the airport to Havana costs 25/30 CUC (pesos convertibles; I advise you to exchange your Euros at the CADECA you will find at the airport… no matter what they tell you, the exchange rate is the same as it is in Havana, and in t...

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cuban clothes in havana

the kind of clothing people wear in cuba

If while on vacation in Cuba you want to dress like a Cuban, there are same essential steps you should not omit, even though you should be aware that there is no way in which you could blend in – foreign travelers walk differently-, so if your goal is to look like a Cuban, you have your work cut out for you. This I can assure you, since I have already traveled more than 20 times to the island and like to notice these cultural differences. It is important for you to know that, just like in any other country, the way of dressing will depend on the economic status and the place where people live. In Cuba, people at Havana’s ...

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afrocuban dancers in havana

Photography courses in Cuba

My passion for travelling took me to Cuba in 1998 and since then, I've covered hundreds of miles walking streets and absorbing a light, an inspiration hard to find in any other country. My passion for photography led me to organize and manage a series of photography photo tours in Cuba, teaching my specialties: documentary and street photography. www.photographingcuba.com Taking an intensive photography...

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10 Tips for travelling to Cuba as a tourist

In this detailed article you will find many tips to travel across Cuba, but you should know that your trip’s success will depend on the people, on your guide, on your driver, on the friendships you make, and above all, on the house or hotel where you stay. - What indispensable things should I take when travelling to Cuba? The mother of our Cuba travelling tips: the indispensable things you are to take will fit in one pocket.  Leave anything you want back at home, but do not forget to take these 5 things. This is one of our most important tips when travelling to Cuba. 1- Passport (valid for at least 6 months) ...

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photos of tourism in Cuba

The best time to travel to Cuba month per month

The following article will help you find your way around Cuba depending on the month. Travelling to Cuba in August and doing so in January are completely different experiences, as you will see below. I’ll be as detailed as possible for you to avoid any confusion. JANUARY It is important to know that night falls around 7 PM, that it is a month when temperatures can occasionally be low, and above all, that it is a month when tobacco is harvested, which makes travelling to Viñales around this time of year highly recommended, even though the ideal time to see tobacco in all of its glory is February or March. New Year’s and Three King’s Celebrations: contrary to what ...

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welcome to american cruise adonia in Havana

Photographing and making history in Cuba

On May 1 the Adonia cruise from Carnival company (the largest cruise company in the world), departed from Miami with around 700 mainly American travelers that were making history as it was over 50 years something like this took place. It was on May 2,...

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