Here you will find articles that are directly targeted at the traveler who is interested in participating in my guided photo tours and workshops around Cuba.
I dispel the most frequently asked questions; you will see comments by some of my students and enjoy the photographs taken by photographers and travelers and my analysis of them.
A section where you will discover many of the details around my photo workshops all over Cuba.

AI in Cuba

Cuban photos, images and thoughts about AI.
An opportunity to develop new photographic projects with artificial intelligence.

Photos of travelers (analysis)

Analysis of pictures taken by my students.


Testimonials of travelers and friends.

Izuky and cuban nude photography

Analysis of the nude photographs of Izuky, perhaps the greatest expert of this type of photography in Cuba.

Why this photo tour

Activities and exercises that I have created especially for my Cuban photo tours.


Frequent answers and questions to understand these special travels to the heart of Cuba.

Professional printing service in Havana

Alfredo Sarabia is perhaps the best high-quality photography printer that exists in Havana, Cuba.

To Edit : the best way to learn

The most important thing is to understand the idea that you want to transmit and learn to select a group of pictures that tell that story.

A photographic trap, Old cars

This small article is to tell what I have taught so many times to my students, the teaching is simple "you have to control the excitement and differentiate a nice car from a good photo".

Vacation Photographer

Book a professional vacation photographer for 1 day in Havana.

Photo equipment to bring

Simple list of the photo equipment that you have to bring with you to Cuba

Los Acuaticos

Fantastic experience in this photo walk with Louis A. around the Vinales Valley

Camaguey, the best 5 photo places

The 5 best places to take pictures in Camaguey in the Center of Cuba.

Gastronomy in our photo tour around Cuba.

One of the "extras" in our photo tours is the fantastic gastronomy that we enjoy.
We offer you a wide range of restaurants, private houses, countryside meals, to discover the real cuban gastronomy.

Malecon in Havana

Is you love photography, Malecon of Havana is the best place where you can be in Havana.
Sunrise, sunset, fisherman, lovers, etc..
Great opportunities for taking good human pictures, also the Havana´s skyline.

My photographic journey in Cuba

One of the best experiences in my life was my photographic journey in Cuba. Here you can read my thoughts.

Apartamento Sadir

El Apartamento Sadir en la Habana es una de nuestras recomendaciones para hospedaje en el centro de la ciudad

Callejon Hamel

Great place in Havana: Music, art, paintings, souvenirs, mojitos, friends. Everything in one place.

El Floridita

Maybe the best cocktail bar and restaurant in Havana city

Money in Cuba

Travel to Cuba with cash and read this article.

Photography stores in Havana

Different photography store options in Havana.

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