I´m Louis Alarcon, maybe one of the best specialists in daily photography tours in Cuba, mainly in Havana.
I will help you to discover the Havana that is usually hidden from standard tourists. 

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Daily photography tours in Cuba 📷🌴


As an example I show you below dozens of photographs so you can imagine the places you can visit in my 1-day photographic photo tours in Cuba.


cuban young boxer in Havana a photography tour shoot in Cuba

The best way to understand what you will see on these 1-day photo tours in Havana is to see the photographs you could take.



Not only boxeo, also street portraits


And religion


and cars






More Information

Louis Alarcon is a professional teacher and photographer who manages exclusive photography tours and workshops every month in Cuba, 🌴📷, the place where he got married and that now calls Home.

Louis’ life in Cuba is permeated by his love for his wife, his family and his work, plus, he has completely blended in with the Cuban society, which allows him to have a deep understanding of the country.

We are 100% specialized in Cuba. Our upcoming 2020, 2021 and 2022 guided Cuban photography tours and workshops are organized by the Locally Sourced Cuba Travel Agency


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OUR CUBA PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS  (Havana and Countryside)

- Duration: 8 days - 7 nights
- Dates 2020 and 2021: 6 of November 2020 , 28 of November 2020, 19 of December 2020, 29 of December 2020, 16 of January 2021, 2 of April 2021 , 23 of April 2021 , 13 of August 2021 , 5 of September 2021

- Accommodation: Great official rental cuban houses. Havana Center . You’ll have privacy , comforts, and security while still being able to interact with the locals as much as you want.
- Travelers: 2 minimum - 7 maximum (Our Cuba Photography tours are guaranteed to depart with a minimum of two people)
- Havana and Viñales (City and countryside)
- Price: US$ 3,395 -  (Price non-photographers  US $ 2,895)
- Inclusions: Accommodation, transportation, meals, activities and photo sessions.


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- Main focus: Interior photography in Cuban homes, learning about the Afro-Cuban religion, visits to gyms and boxing schools, visits to hidden communities of friends in the Cuban countryside, street portrait sessions, visit to cuban photographers, neighborhoods in the outskirts of Havana, Cuban dancers photo session,  magical sunsets, terraces with great panoramic views, ,street close photography , and a long list of photography surprises.

- Small groups: Louis has designed his trips to be taken by small groups ranging from 2 to 7 travelers (guaranteed for a minimum of two people).  You will be able to enjoy a flexible and authentic photo trip into the heart of the most human, real and photogenic Cuba.

- Lodging in Cuban homes: In order to be in true contact with the Cuban society, Louis does not use tourist frequented hotels. Visitors stay in a large Cuban house in downtown Havana, with all comforts and complete privacy, and with a wonderful terrace where we will have breakfast, review photographs, talk, and listen to live music played by young Havana talents.

- An intense, yet simple photo tour: Activities are especially thought out for travelers who are interested in photography, in travels , in people, and in getting to know an exciting culture. No matter a travelers’ photographic skills or the camera they use, everyone is welcome.

Photographing Cuba by Louis Alarcon. Workshops and photo tours in cuba from Louis Alarcon on Vimeo.


As you can see in the video, these Photo Tours and workshops in Cuba are focused on people photography, portraits and street photography. The main goal of our trip is to connect with the Cuban people and discover an exciting and mysterious culture.

Discover what may well be one of the most specialized websites on Photo Tours to Cuba and photography workshops. Travelers of any nationality and photo skills are welcome on these photography Workshops to Cuba 2020 and 2021 ; the only requirement to be a part of them is a passion for traveling, people, music, gastronomy, culture, and photography.


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WORKING PHILOSOPHY ( in the words of Louis)

After many years in Cuba, I´m still surprised by how all tourist gather around the same places, which is why I have designed my photography travels to see another authentic Cuba, visiting the best photography spots.

Photography , Cuba and teaching, are my passions. I teach my travelers/students the culture of my country and how to capture it with their cameras/smartphones.

Travelers come to my Cuban photo workshops hoping to take beautiful travel photographs.
I don´t only help get astonishing shots, but I also show them the professional way of telling photo stories by creating sequences with a selection of their best photos, "and reach beyond travel photography"


barber shop in Havana taken in a photography workhop in cuba led by louis alarcon

I facilitate access to Cuban culture, an you will be immersed in the extreme kindness and embrace of the Cuban people.
I aim to transform the traveler´perceptions of the Cuban experience. Participants sometimes arrive with pre-conceived notions of the country and leave with a much more profound understanding, wich is very different from what they arrived with, as well as with a different way of understanding and working with documentary and artistic photography.


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Photographing Cuba is not just a website about Cuban Photography Tours and workshops, it is also photographer´s Louis Alarcon long-term personal project, involving the making and publishing of photo-essays which document the old and new Cuba.
These photography stories are not only aimed at showing the changes in Cuba, but also create a historical record to understand this island that is so familiar, but still completely mysterious and unknown.

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