Cuban "war heroes" : living in the countryside

Cuban "war heroes" : living in the countryside

Cuban "war heroes" : living in the countryside.

"Guajiros" – that is how country people are called in Cuba. Folklore says this name comes from the Spanish way of pronouncing “war hero”, since that is how American troops would call Cubans fighting for independence from the Kingdom of Spain during the 1895 war.

Nowadays, “guajiros” lead a peaceful, decent, albeit sometimes harsh life. Harvesting of tobacco, corn, beans, rice and pig and chicken breeding commonly sees them living most of their lives under the sun, which leaves marks on their faces and hands.

The country does not offer as many opportunities for entertainment as big cities do, but the “guijaro” is characterized for his dedication to animals, breeding and horse racing, cockfighting, and most of all, country people enjoy chatting over a good cup of coffee, far from the rush and adventure of the big city.

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