Everything changes in Cuba, the tradition of jumping from the Malecon is over, and a new law imposes large fines for whoever jumps or bathes. Thus was in the very near past (2014) the way in which the young men ended their day, the perfect spot to meet with their friends, with the sea and a daily dose of adrenaline.

portrait of cuban jumpers in black and white in my photography tour to Cuba
landscape of malecon of havana in my photography tour cuban
extrange jumper in malecon of Havana in a workshop of photography in Cuba
Cuban photo tours jumping in Havana malecon.
black and with pictures in these photo workshops in cuba
A great view of malecon in Havana in my phototour of photogrpahy in cuba
photography fine art get in malecon of havana, jumpers photo essay
fine art in cuban photography by louis alarcon
Cuban children in our photo journeys to Cuba
Photography of shapes in Havana´s malecon
photography of travels in Cuba, black and white
young smokers in Havana´s malecon in my photo trip to malecon of Havana
dogs in Cuba by louis alarcon
fighters in malecon in Havana, photo taken in my photography guided tours in cuba
dogs back in Havana, Cuban photo tours of Louis Alarcon
running away of Havana by Louis Alarcon, proffessional cuban photographer
A hand in a wall in Cuba, Fine art by louis Alarcon
jumping against a wave in Cuba, cuban photography
jumping to caribbean sea in Havana, Cuba. Photo essays about travels to Cuba
Running in Cuba, photos of children playing in Havana
Cuban photography fine art in Havana
Muscles in havana streets, picture by louis Alarcon
getting away from malecon of havana , photos in my workshops of photography in Cuba.
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