May 1st in Havana: the Great celebration of workers

May 1st in Havana: the Great celebration of workers.

Since the victory of the Revolution in 1959, religion fell into the background, while Workers’ Day on May 1st became the most important of all festivities and celebrations in Cuba.

During these celebrations, the unity of the Cuban people around the Communist party and its political leaders is demonstrated, mainly around Fidel Castro, who is portrayed in many photographs and signs, especially in 2016, since Fidel turned 90 years old.

The parade starts at 7:30 in the morning, which prompts many people stay up through the night waiting for this moment. By 10 in the morning, hundreds of thousands of proud Cubans have already walked past the Martí Memorial at Revolution Square, where both Cuban and guest political leaders bid their farewell to this joyous and exhausting day.

revolution square picture in the first of May parade, at first hour in the morning
photo os cuban may 1st by louis alarcon
may 1st in cuba by louis alarcon photographer
cuban transexual celebratin the first of may parade
cuban workers resting in the first of may parade
Fidel castro cuban picture in havana
military parade in first of may in Cuba by louis alarcon
photography tour to may 1st in cuba workshop of photography
che guevara comander , argentinan cuban heroe.
cuban people in may first day photography by louis alarcon
couple of cubans kissing in a parade in honour to the revolution
cuban army, photo by louis A.
cuban photography in a revolutionary day , workshop of louis alarcon
saying good bye to fidel castro in a revolutionary day, photo by louis alarcon
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