Wifi + Imo = an emotional revolution

Wifi + Imo = an emotional revolution.

Cuba’s creation of Wi-Fi zones may well be the most noticeable change that has taken place in the country since 2015. There, people gather to go online, and mostly to talk to and see their family members living abroad.
IMO is the videoconference software which has brought families closer, achieving this great emotional revolution that the country is undergoing. It is an application everyone has on their smartphones, in addition to Facebook.
Use of smartphones became widespread in 2014-2015, and it was next to impossible to see these mobiles in Cuba before that.

As a photographer, I not only seek to document the great change the new Cuba is undergoing, but also to portray the emotions on the faces of family and friends separated by many miles and emigration laws.

che guevara and cuban people connecting in wi-fi areas, photo by louis alarcon
a couple of cubans in the new times, workshops about photography in cuba
photo tour to cuba taken pictures of the new times in wifi areas
cuban girl inside a car connected to wifi area
buying card to connect to internet in cuba, photo tour by louis alarcon
connecting to internet in cuba with special cards
cubans in the new times, courses of photography in cuba
speaking with families from cuba, pictures of change in havana by louis alarcon
Kissing in a Wi-fi area in Havana - photography workshop by louis alarcon
a cuban family connected to internet in havana, a photo essay by louis alarcon
cubans in wi-fi areas, a short photo story by louis aarcon
internet in cuba , pictures of new times
cubans in a park connected to internet, photography of new times by louis alarcon
night connection in cuba, wi-fi areas in havana
cubans in malecon connected to internet, photo essay by louis alarcon
cuban girl connected at night by louis alarcon
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