Out of Carnivals

Project focuses on what happens outside of the carnivals. The goal is to document what happens during the Carnival, but outside the main festivity.

agresive cuban boy in carnivals, a picture in havana
cuban people dress special for carnival times
participant of havana´s carnivals, cuban picture by louis alarcon
eating in carnivals of Havana, picture of 2018
detail of rum and cuban coca cola, photography of cuban carnivals
men dancing and smiling, a cuban picture of havana´s carnivals.
old cuban lady in carnivals, cuban street photo
muscle man posing for a picture in havana´s carnival, cuban photography
fat ladys dressed for carnivals in havana, pictures of cuba
cuban street photo, details of carnivals in Cuba by louis alarcon
cuban street photom, young girl with red lips in havana´s carnival
a picture of a shadow and a hand in havana´s carnivals.
corn on the floor in the havana´s carnivals
kiss between two cubans in havana´s carnivals.
young lady angry with the cuban photographer by the picture
man urinating in a wall in Cuba carnivals, a cuban picture taken in Havana
cuban street photo, lonely dog in the middle of carnivals in Cuba.
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