When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down.

Just long exposure and night cuban photographs.

photo tour of night photography in cuba in a spectacular sunset in the havana´s outskirts
sunset in Trinidad Cuba, workshops of photography in cuba by louis alarcon
havana at night, photo by louis alarcon in his photo workshops in cuba
rays and storm in havana city, by louis alarcon
photo of long exposure in Havana, night photography fine art by louis alarcon
Havana´s sky in a phototour to cuba with louis alarcon
capitol of havana at night, long exposure picture by louis alarcon
great theatre of Havana, blue hour photography tour in cuba led by louis alarcon
lovers at night in malecon of havana, photo workshops in cuba led by louis alarcon
caribbean sea in Havana, photo taken by louis alarcon in a night photography course
Bridge to the sea in Puerto Esperanza Cuba, photo by louis alarcon
Bay of baracoa, a night photography by louis alarcon in cuba photo tour
stars at night in Cuba, photo taken in Viñales by louis alarcon
Tree at night in a beach in Trinidad, Cuba. Photography tour of night photography in Cuba
old cars at night in cuba by louis alarcon
Old car in a beach of Cuba by master louis alarcon
night photography with old cuban cars, photo by louis alarcon
silhouette in Havana Bay by Louis Alarcon
Silhouette in Trinidad , cuba, photoworkshop in trinidad cuba
The moon ant the palm, travels of photography to cuba led by louis alarcon
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