Rafael Trejo

Rafael Trejo

Rafael Trejo Gym  (Work in Progress).

One of the oldest gyms in Havana is located in Cuba street, between 2 residential complexes. Its name is “Rafael Trejo” in honor of that revolutionary student who was murdered in 1930 due to his actions against dictator Gerardo Machado.

Boxing in Cuba still elicits national pride – it is thanks to this sport that Cuba usually returns from each of the Olympics with a great deal of medals. It is practiced both by children after school and by adults looking to improve their physical fitness.

This gym, set in an area of barely 500 m2 (5400 sq. ft.), is a space that evidences the effort, willpower and passion for amateur boxing experienced in Old Havana.

Photos by Louis Alarcon

little boxers in Havana by louis alarcon
children in a boxing gym in cuba , photography tour by louis alarcon
children training in a boxing gym in havana , cuba
portrait of a cuban young boxer whith red boxer hat
protecting a young cuban boxer before the action
ready to box in havana.
public looking to cuban boxers in a old gym in old havana
the winner and the loser in an Havana Boxing Ring.
running and training before to the boxing show
restrooms in a boxing gym of Havana
jumping as a training for a cuban boxers
protecting the hands before to the boxing training
stretching the muscles before the boxing match
protecting hands with yellow clothes.
coach of a cuban boxing gym paying attention to his pupils.
cuban female girl in havana training boxing gym
a couple of cuban boxers training
coach checking his boxing students
details of cuban girl in a boxing gym
boxing coach screaming to his pupuls
cuban boxer drinking water
group of boxers resting in Havana old boxing gym
breathing in a rest
relaxing in a boxing training
legs of boxers in havana
body of a cuban female boxer
training abdominals in a boxing gym in old Havana
Cuban boxer taking the pulsations with his finger in the neck
shadows of cuban boxers training
shadows of a group of cuban boxers training
two cuban boxers taking a special shower after the match
portrait of a cuban boxer in havana
portrait of a cuban boxer in havana gym
portrait of a cuban boxer resting a little beat
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