Black Ballet

Black Ballet.

Black Balletis a tribute to Afro-Cuban dancers. It is thanks to them that the old dances brought from Africa by the slaves are kept alive. Many of these dances have a religious significance and were meant to secretly honor African Gods, since the Spaniards forced slaves into Catholicism and to forego their old religious practices.

Cuba is known for dances such as salsa, and also for its famous Cuban National Ballet (where there are almost no black dancers). There are many photographic essays dealing with ballet, but almost none about Afro-Cuban folklore.
"Black Ballet" has been built over dozens of rehearsals of this folklore group at an old movie theatre that is an architectural treasure, overlooked by Cubans and travelers relaxedly strolling along the streets of Havana.

These essays are an explosion of rhythm and songs in old languages; dancers spend hours sweating, focused, and at times the hypnotic rhythms lead them to a trance that transports them to another dimension.

photography tours in cuba with afrocuban dancers
group of cuban dancers in a photo session with Louis Alarcon
great afrocuban woman dancer in my photo sessions in Cuba, Fine art by louis Alarcon
Pure black and white in Cuba, picture of cuba
Fine art in black and white in Cuba, picture of cuba
sexual tension between afrocuban dancers in Havana
Girls in Havana, concentrated expressions in my workshops of photography in Cuba
Teacher of cuban dancers in a private photo session in Cuba
two special cuban dancers, picture of cuba
Dancer in trance in Cuba during my photo guided sessions in Cuba
Strenght in faces of afrocuban dancers in my photographic tours around Cuba
Private photo sessions in Havana Cuba. picture of cuba
Resting in a photo session in Cuba with louis alarcon
Screaming in black and white in my photography tours in Havana.
Sensual teacher of dancers in Havana, picture of cuba.
Fine art of cuban photography by teacher louis alarcon
resting in a training of afrocuban dance, cuban fine art by louis alarcon
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