28 of April 2017

28 of April 2017

Cuban phototour. - 28 of April 2017  ( May 1st, Workers’ Day  - Revolutionary Day)

Festive, Emotional and Multi-Coloured Environment

These dates are special in Havana. On May 1st, Workers’ Day is celebrated, a true celebration that starts early in the morning and ends around 10 in the morning at Plaza de la Revolución (Revolution Square).

I’ve been attending this event for years, and I want you to come with me to photograph it. Being surrounded by thousands of people in a festive, emotional and multi-coloured environment makes for an exciting moment.

This photo tour focuses on the cities of Havana and Vinales, but don’t forget that on May 1st we will live and photograph a very special event for the Cuban Revolution and the Communist Party.

The rest of the photographic trip to Cuba is focused on Havana and Vinales (where we will spend a night), we will seize the benefit of being a small group (2 minimum – 7 maximum) to enter and photograph non-touristic locations.


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In Havana, you will experience and photograph daily Cuban life, markets, portraits, etc.  mixing and mingling with the locals at unique locations such as boxing gyms, colorful Afro-Cuban dancers. Outside of Havana you will witness first-hand the beautiful countryside and a rural Cuba not seen in the guidebooks: interior of Cuban farmer houses, tobacco houses, etc.

Because we run our photography tours privately in small groups (no more than 5 people per tour), we can be 100% flexible with the itinerary, taking advantage of any unforeseen events or developments that help provide the perfect backdrop for photographic opportunities. We think this flexibility adds to the adventure and the intrigue.

You will enjoy the best restaurants, as well as hidden paladares with our Photography Tour of Cuba. Even during meal time, you should always have your cameras ready to capture some unforgettable moments at the dining table. Besides, you’ll experience the Cuban family contact because our accommodation is in Cuban official houses

The Best Spots are Waiting for You and Your Camera

Our Photography tours are designed to take you to the most photogenic locations to shoot in the best light. They are also designed to help you visualize a scene before capturing that magical moment. We aim to enhance your creativity and raise your awareness, so you can leave Cuba with images that you will be very proud of for years to come. Furthermore, you will learn how to study a landscape and approach your environment, the cultural considerations of photographing people that are indigenous to the region and the challenges of photographing in a country that is foreign to you.


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This exclusive photo tour to Cuba 2017,  is organized and sold by Locally Sourced Cuba travel agency ; here you can find all the details for booking your spot.

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Whatch the experience

In order to clearly understand these photographic journeys and my style, you may see the videos recorded during my guided tours around Cuba.

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