Louis Alarcon is a professional photographer and manages exclusive photography tours every month in Cuba, the place where he lives and knows thoroughly.

He has designed these trips to be taken by small groups ranging from 2 to 7 travelers at the most (guaranteed for a minimum of two people) This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a flexible and authentic trip into the heart of the most human and photogenic Cuba.
Activities are especially thought out for travelers who are interested in photography tours and trips, people and in getting to know an exciting culture.




Travelers of any nationality and photo skills are welcome on these photography Workshops to Cuba 2017 and 2018 ; the only requirement to be a part of them is a passion for travelling, people, culture, and photography.

Discover what may well be one of the most specialized websites on Photo Tours to Cuba and photography workshops.




As you can see in the video, these Photo Tours in Cuba are focused on human photography, portraits and street photography. The main goal of our trip is to closely relate with the Cuban people and discover an exciting and mysterious culture.


Our upcoming guided cuban photo tours in 2017 and 2018 are organized by the Locally Sourced Cuba Travel Agency, which offers affordable licensed people-to-people (US Citizens) Private Cuba Tours, through its partnership with the US-based Educational Adventures Company.



Locally sourced Cuba tours travel agency for photography tours to cuba 2017 2018 and 2019



Working philosophy ( in the words of Louis)

After many years in Cuba, I´m still surprised by how all tourist gather around the same places, which is why I´ve designed my photography travels to see the authentic Cuba.

Photography, Cuba and Teaching, are my passions. I teach my travelers/students the culture of a country and how to capture it with their cameras.
Travelers come to my Cuban photo workshops hoping to take beautiful travel photographs and I help them in this goal, but I also show them the professional way of telling stories with a selection of their photos, "beyond travel photography"

I ease access to Cuban settings enjoying the extreme kindness and sociability of the Cuban people.
I aim to transform the travelers who participate in these cuban photo tours, they arrive with a pre-conceived picture of the country and leave with a real notion, different from that with which he arrived, as well as with a different way of understanding and working with documentary and artistic photography.


Photographing Cuba is not just a Photography travels to Cuba Website, it is also a a Louis Alarcon long-term personal project involving the making and publishing of photographic essays which document the new Cuba.
These photo stories are aimed at showing changes in Cuba and creating a historical record that can be used to understand this island that is both famous and unknown at the same time.

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