a man recollecting tobacco in cuba in my photo tours to cuba

Articles about Cuba photography. Straightforward, simple articles to get to know the best spots on my trips and photo tours in Cuba. Information on Cuban culture, the best places, photography advice, and many more tips and tricks to enjoy and get to know this wonderful country in-depth.

Cuba is a country like no other, and travelers participating in my cuban photography workshops not only go back home with close-up photographs, but also return with significant knowledge about the cultural, experiential and photographic reality of the island.

Photos about the change.

A personal article about my perception the new Cuba, with many of my photos that I call "the latest visitors".

10 points in my photo tours

These are the main points in my photo tours around Cuba.

Forbidden pictures.

Some tips about not allowed pictures.

Best places for taking photos

A list of the best "photo-places" in Cuba, mainly in Havana.

Interesting online resources.

Online resources to know deeply Cuba.

7 tips for street photography

7 tips for street photography, focus on Cuba

With an electronic shutter

An article about these advantages

Photographs on cloudy days

Article about how to take photographs on cloudy days

Cuba at different times

An article about disadvantages and advantages of going to Cuba at different times

Photo tours to cuba in 2017 and 2018

Main points in our upcomings photo tours to Cuba in 2017 and 2018

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