1 Day Tour

1 Day Tour

One Day photography tour in Havana led by Louis Alarcon.

If you are a photographer visiting Havana for the first time, without a doubt I advise you to participate in a 1-day photo trip in Havana to get to know the city in-depth, get away from tourist-infested areas, discover special corners, and learn how to approach people to obtain great portraits.



I am Louis Alarcon, a professional photographer and photography teacher 100% specialized in Cuban photography.
This is my major specialization; I am not a tour guide with a camera strapped to my shoulder – I am passionate about photography, lighting, teaching and the Cuban culture, and I organize photography tours around all of Cuba, as well as daily photo tours in Havana, where I undertake most of my personal projects, as you can see in the following link.



indoors photography in Havana


Cuba is the paradise of human photography, street photography, and is a country with an ideal lighting and a fantastic place to obtain fantastic street portraits. Moreover, Cubans are extremely kind and usually collaborate with photographers.

During these last few years I have taught/guided hundreds of photographers –for the most part, “travel photographers”– and I have taught them how to approach the more real Cuba, far from touristic streets, showing them how to improve the photographic look and how to relate with people to obtain natural photographs of great beauty.

In this one-day photo trip in Havana, the main subjects are: How to use the camera in a simple manner to focus on Cuban life and forget about the camera’s technicalities, discovering streets away from tourism, visit special places like a boxing gym, neighborhoods in the outskirts of the city, visits to people of the Afro-Cuban religion, visits to family homes, markets, architecture, panoramic views of the city, etc…

I also help my students understand which photographs should not be taken in Cuba, since due to the country’s characteristics, it is better not to.

This is an exciting photo tour day where we will discuss lighting, photography, the Cuban culture, how to approach people in a friendly way to get our portraits, and how to obtain professional photographs by avoiding the most common mistakes made by amateur photographers.

Here you can take a look at some of my videos to learn about my style and my way of taking photographs in Cuba.



You can send me an e-mail at photographingcuba@gmail.com if you need more information about my one-day photo tours in Havana.

Pickup at 9 am From Hotel Telegrafo : Calle Prado 408, Havana 10100, Cuba

Office Address : San Francisco Street nº360  (Between San Martin and San Rafael)






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