Malecon in Havana

Photography in Malecon of Havana

Malecon in Havana, where all the photographers go.

Havana, was considered in the 50's the capital of the Caribbean. Its infrastructure was well ahead of the rest of the cities in the area. Hotels, casinos, amusement park, television, telephony, among other things, although corruption was also unprecedented with the government linked to the mafia.
The works built in that decade were important and the majority concentrated on what for many is the true highlight of the city, the boardwalk known as Malecon.

The Malecon in Havana is very old, although it was completed in 1959, it began to be built in 1901.
It covers 8km of north coast from the Castillo de la Punta to the Torreón de la Chorrera. 

Due to its length, it is considered the longest bank in the world as it is the meeting place for thousands of people who sit daily to wait for the sunset, share a drink of rum or religiously ask the sea.

Every day the Malecon offers an exquisite diversity for photographers, people of all kinds, religious wearing all white, street vendors, restless teenagers, fishermen, musicians, tourists, entire families, romances and many others. There is a lot of photography done on the boardwalk, but it is never enough; you can focus on its crowded wall, look for interesting characters and play with the composition within the chaos or look the other way, towards the architecture of different years and in different states, some buildings in ruins, others beautifully restored. The flow of pre-1960 classic cars is unmatched in the world.

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Some of the places I recommend for hours of fun with the camera on the Malecon are:

1 - La Punta, a small square in one of the fortresses of the Old Havana named Castillo de La Punta, excellent for a sunset over the city and the coastline. Be careful with the street musicians, they are pushy, even annoying sometimes.

2 - Antonio Maceo Park, full of children playing and fishermen.

3 - All the area comprehended between La Punta fortress and Antonio Maceo Park is Centro Habana neighborhood, unlike some boardwalk parts in Vedado, this one is full of action and people all the time.

4 - End of 12th street, you will find fishermen, a small fortress called Torreon de la Chorrera, the 1830 colonial building and on the other side of the mouth of the river a huge "Viva Fidel" sign you can use in the composition.

The Havana’s Malecon is a must-see for photographers, it is monumental, iconic and you will surely fill its magic right away and be drive to take a piece of it with you. Explore it and let yourself flow in the crowd like dancing among the people, a unique experience is guaranteed.

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