Equipment to bring to a photo tour in Cuba

Suggested list of camera equipment

- Camera, lenses, batteries and charger.

- The most common lenses for this type of photo tour are: zoom 24-70 mm, 24 mm , 28 mm, 35 mm , 50 mm.

- Memory cards, lens brush, cleaning cloth, camera manual, sunglasses, extra camera battery, charger, adapter for country destination.


Not necessary photo equipment 

- Lenses: You can bring with you all your photographic equipment, but according to my experience I would advise you not to bring telephoto lenses, or lenses longer than 80 mm, Cuba is a country to practice "close" and "human" photography: portraits, street photography, interior of houses, etc. . If you use a long lens you will become shy or lazy, for these reasons I never use this type of long lenses.

- The tripod is another element that is not usually used in my photo tours , since my specialty is to show you how to photograph people up close, Cuba is the paradise for this type of more dynamic photography, we will also take pictures of landscapes but the light will be enough to be able to shoot without a tripod.

- Laptop: You can also bring your computer with you, but if you don´t bring with you it is not a problem, we will work editing and analyzing your photographs with my laptop.




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