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Day Photography tour in Havana.

A way of getting to know the most hidden, photogenic Cuba.

My name is Louis Alarcon, I’m a professional photographer, teacher and am highly familiarized with Cuba, particularly Havana, where I live since 1998.

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street gyms in hava , cuban picture of 4 man training




I’m inviting you to take part of a professional photo tour  in Havana, with a duration of one day, so that you can get to know places that are hidden to most travellers, such as: old colonial houses, dancers, old gymnasiums, boxing rings, Afro-Cuban dancing rehearsals, Afro-Cuban priests, photographic studios of cuban photographers , etc...
More than just a standard photowalk in Havana !


excellence certificate in photography tours in havana


The photo tour I’m offering you is not a photo tour around the touristic streets of Havana. In all honesty, you don’t need anyone to do that, you can do it on your own. Besides, Cuba is a “photo-friendly” country; a very safe country where you can walk around with your camera anywhere, feeling safe and welcome.

More activities, depending on the day : Markets in Havana, Outlying districts (no tourism there)Boxers training, Old Havana (I like to call “the new old Havana”), Graffiti and paintings on the walls of Che Guevara & Callejón Hamel (special street painted), Religion: visit a house of a “Santero” (Afro-Cuban priest), Colonial houses (old furniture and old Cuban owners), Outdoor Architecture (Buildings with charm), Panoramic photography from the other side of the city, Malecon life, Sunset in special places, One of the most special and high terraces in Havana, Tobacco factory , Charming streets (street photography and contact with the people are two of the strongest points of this photo tour), Portraits, Review and analysis of pictures, Fototeca de la Habana Vieja (National photography institute), Visits to photographic expositions, Looking for changes in the new Cuba, Hemingway route (Hotel – bodeguida and Floridida Pubs where the writer was living in Cuba), Old Cuban cars, Cuban parties, Afro-Cuban dancers, Visits to painters in our day to day, Retro amusement park, Family houses, Contact with Cuban photographers and other professionals, Old Gyms in Havana.

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black afrocuban dancer in action in my photo tour to cuba black and white


My proposal involves a special day dedicated mainly to photography. I’ll help you use your camera in a simple and professional manner, venture into the heart of the lesser-known Havana, visit special houses, suburbs, unknown streets, agricultural markets, panoramic views of the city, make great portraits and other activities that tourists visiting Cuba for the first time are completely unaware of.

I’ll also show you which photos are the ones you should not take in Cuba. Even though the Cuban disposition is warm and welcoming, there are some particularities to their culture that cause certain photographs to be frowned upon.

Carrying around a sizable photography kit with large lenses is not necessary in Cuba; it’s much better to work with short lenses (35 mm – 50 mm) and as a result be compelled to be closer to Cuba’s main attraction: its people.

Here you can see some of my videos and photographs so you can get to know me a bit better and see what these 1-day photo tours are like.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail at
In these videos you can check which are the main points in this photo tours in Havana, in Vinales i suggest you to contact with Guillermo Seijo, the great photographer of farmers and tobacoo.


Photographing Cuba by Luis Alarcón. Workshops and photo tours in cuba from Louis Alarcon on Vimeo.




At the north eastern region of Cuba, in Viñales and in Pinar del Rio you can find Guillermo Seijo. This Cuban photographer has been offering photo tours and photography workshops for years, and showing Valle de Viñales to travellers interested in getting to know the rural culture, good landscapes and human photography.

photo tours in Vinales and pinar del rio

Guille (that’s how everyone calls him there) is authorized by the Cuban National Cultural Tourism Company, called PARADISO, to organize these guided photo tours.

Website :


Photo tours in Viñales and Pinar del Rio with Guillermo Seijo

Guille will help you get integrated with the Cuban environment; you will see how simple it is to approach people and make friendships and good portraits if you have someone from Cuba guiding you.

Viñales has a great advantage over other places such as Havana, which is that by being a small town, people’s personalities are much more relaxed and laid back than in the Cuban capital.

Here is how you can contact Guille.


Facebook :  Click here

Phone mobile:  Fixed  +53-48696652  Movil +53-55450771



Video about Viñales and cuban countryside


Photo tours in TRINIDAD with Carlos Sentmanant


In Trinidad you can find Carlos Sentmanant . This Cuban photographer has been offering photo tours and photography workshops for years, and showing Trinidad to travellers interested in getting to know the rural culture, good landscapes and human photography.

Is a personal friend, nice person and a great photographer/guide to visit Trinidad beyond the touristic places.

His mail is:

His mobile is : 0053  53836650


You should know that Guillermo doesn’t have just one route set for his photo tours; you can let him know what you’d like to visit. You may want something more rural, or maybe something with more landscapes, a long tour, or maybe a short one. There are many possible excursions depending on what you seek, and if you are also interested in photographing birds, you can tell him so and he will lead you to the best spots.

Enjoy this tour with a great photographer and a great person… you’ll see for yourself.

If you are looking for photo tours around Cuba you can check this web

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