Projects of photography in Cuba

Cuba is perhaps one of the countries where more photographs have been taken, millions of travelers and thousands of photographers with their cameras and mobiles continue to take photos.

Most of the photography projects made in Cuba have been street photography, mainly in Havana, this may be because travelers have difficulty in deepening the Cuban reality, or perhaps because they are trapped by light, by architecture, by the Apparent ease to make portraits and take pictures of people in the streets.

It is also very difficult to find photography projects made in Cuba that are related to photojournalism or that deal with issues of denunciation, in Cuba there are no event newspapers as in other countries, therefore the photographic essays that can be found never have this subject , neither the works done in Cuba that have won world press photo.

In this article I have tried to summarize some of the most important photography projects that have been done in the Island, mainly I have focused on projects with high photographic quality, made in several trips, some of them have ended up appearing published as books and others have won prizes like the prestigious World Press Photo.





My name is Louis Alarcon , I am a photographer and my photographic objective in Cuba is to make a photo biography of Cuba through different photographic series that tell stories and customs of the Cuban people. My current projects are focused on the theme of identity, race and miscegenation that has occurred in Cuba until we reach the extraordinary racial mixture that we can find in the country today.




My other passion is teaching, so I also direct photography workshops in Cuba, mainly oriented to Havana and the fields (Viñales area)


David Alan Harvey

A classic in documentary photography, photographer of the Magnum agency, National Geographic and creator of the photography blog Burn Magazine. A real Master.

cuban photography of David Alan Harvey in eightys


Michael Eastman

Specialized in interior photography in Cuba. It has a magnificent catalog of photographs of houses that transmit all the past luxury that Cuba had.


old decoration in old colonial house in Cuba by Michael Eastman


Ernesto Bazan

American Italian photographer who lived many years in Cuba and where he made a wonderful photographic work, currently has 3 books of his work in Cuba. He specializes in teaching and printing.

cuban photography of a shoes with flowers by Ernesto Bazan


Tomas Munita.

cuban photography of a group of men looking a cock fighting by tomas munita

World Press Photo prize about Cuba and Fidel castro :


Colby Tarsitano.

cuban boys in the street by Colby Tarsitano​


Alexander Garcia  - World press photo prize in 2002


boxers in havana, photography in cuba by Alexander Garcia


Nelson Ramirez y Liudmila

A totally different vision of Cuba, leaving the purest documentary photography, impossible images, other dreamed and other current. A very diverse and powerful portfolio of these cuban photographers.

imagined havana by nelson ramirez y liudmila


Michael Vince. World Press photo 2018


two people in a swiming pool in cuba


Raul Cañibano

Perhaps the best-known documentary cuban photographer in Cuba. His work transmits a magical realism, real photographs, simple and at the same time impossible to imagine.

mam and children at the beach by raul cañibano cuban photographer


Alfredo Sarabia.

Painter, artist, photographer and professor of photography at the institute of superior art of Havana. Photographs loaded with deep messages.

holding a picture of the past in cuba by Alfredo Sarabia

Susan Bank

Perhaps the best photographic work on the environment in the Cuban countryside, done by a non-Cuban photographer.

people in the cuban countryside by Susan Bank

Tino Soriano

Spanish photographer of National Geographic, specialized in travel and teaching, shows us his vision of Cuba in his trips to the island


cuban girl with sunset light in the face by tino soriano


Leysis Quesada

Cuban photography that works with nearby worlds, everyday realities, personal spaces.

cuban ballerina dancers in a terrace in havana by Leysis quesada


Rene Peña

100% Black and white cuban photography , low key in many of his photographs. Influenced in its beginnings by Robert Mapplethorpe, but with a very personal and own style.

black nude man under the umbrella. Cuban photography by rene peña


David Creedon

His photographs convey a lot of humanity and history document secret spaces where David has managed to reach and win the trust and friendship of the people.

old man in an old cuban house a cuban picture by David Creedon


Juan Manuel Diaz Burgos

Spanish photographer who visited Cuba many times looking for the essence of the country mainly in the 90s. He has several photographic projects, all of them focused on the Cuban people.

ready to jump to the sea in havana

Oded Wagenstein


These have been the most outstanding projects that in my opinion you can find photography in Cuba, if you want you can see many more following the following link.

Another website where you can see many works about Cuban photography is on the web page that has not been updated for many years but in which they did a great job of compiling photographic projects based on photography made in Cuba..





















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