Conceptual photography in Cuba

About conceptual photography in Cuba.

In general my photographic projects made in Cuba are documentary, but almost always in the mind of a photographer there is a space for less explicit ideas, a space to develop a more poetic idea, perhaps a more mysterious story than the documentation of stories.
In my case I have called this conceptual photography project "the anonymous island", a project that arises as a contrast to the ease that there are for photographers visiting Cuba to take portraits and photographs of people.
Cuba is one of the few countries where you can still do this, take pictures very close to people.

The idea of ​​"the anonymous island" arises the personal challenge, to try to show the personality of the island (under my perception) in a less obvious way, hiding the faces of the people, playing more with the forms, the concepts and the ideas (Some known and other personal).

Identity, sex, immigration, age, race, revolution, development, hope, blockade etc ... somehow I play with all these ideas that are always in the head of a traveler when he knows Cuba deeply.


Conceptual photography project " Anonymous Island"

five heroes in Vinales : conceptual photography in Cuba



flat rat in havana , conceptual photography in havana



a ghost running in havana : conceptual photography in cuba


waves in havana, cuban conceptual photography



looking to the infinite from havana wall front, cuban conceptual photography


dophing in havana, about conceptual cuban photography


hlonely hand , project of conceptual photography in havana


cuban dancer with skirt , conceptual cuban photography


broken goods , about cuban conceptual photography


mysterious lady in havana, cuban conceptual photography












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