Afrocuban religion v.0.0

Afrocuban religion v.0.0 (Work in Progress).
Approach to the Afro-Cuban Santeria or Yoruba religion, where the secret rites can’t be photographed because they lose their would lose their pureness when a camera records the ceremony.

afrocuban priest in havana, photography tours by louis alarcon
santeria in Havana, religious workshop of photography in cuba
altars in havana, photography by louis alarcon cuban proffessional photographer
Jesus in an afrocuban altar, yoruba religion in cuba, photo by louis alarcon
Weird altars in havana, workshops of photography focus on religion in cuba
Altars with cranius in Havana, photo taken in a course of photography led by louis alarcon
Religion and photography in Cuba by louis alarcon
Virgin of Yemaya in Cuba, travel of photography led by louis alarcon
Altar to yemaya, the ocean´s god, photo tour focus on religion led by louis alarcon
Afrocuban altar to Ochun, photo taken by louis alarcon in cuba
religious images in Cuba, by louis Alarcon
animals for sacrifices in Havana, photo by louis alarcon
dead chicken in a ceremony of santeria in cuba, by louis Alarcon
ceremony of afrocuban religion in a photo tour in cuba
part of animals in several sacrifices in havana rituals for religion
cooking in Havana, photography travels to cuba
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