Street photography in Havana City

Street photography in Havana. By Louis Alarcon

Havana is not only the paradise for street photographers because of the color of old American cars, because of the texture of its colonial architecture in many cases deteriorated, perhaps the magic that we can find in Havana to practice street photography is that the photographers are totally accepted in this city that is used to all types of tourism, including photographic tourism.

black cuban boy jumping with a basket ball , picture taken by louis alarcon in a photography tour


This article about street photography in Havana is oriented to "human" photography, to portrait photography, mainly to close-up photography where human beings are the main objective.

According to my experience of these years as a professor of photography in Cuba, I know that for many travelers it is difficult to approach unknown people and take pictures, but I have to say that is exactly what "street photography" means, it does not mean simply " take pictures on the street ", that can be done by anyone, since it is not prohibited to take pictures on the street.

cuban couple kissin with tongue , picture taken in a photography tour of louis alarcon


Daily Photo walks and photo-tours in Havana

My name is Louis Alarcon, I am a professional photographer specialized cuban photography , also guiding photo tours in Cuba

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Also, I have some articles about the best photo spots to take photos in Havana.

My opinion about street photography in Cuba

In my opinion street photography has to be oriented mainly to people and their environment, but mainly to people, and as Henry Cartier Bresson once said, "if photography is not good enough, get closer."

three cubans speaking really close, photo taken in a photo tour by Louis Alarcon

Havana is the ideal city to "get closer" is also the ideal city to try to go further with our "safe distance", in my workshops I ask travelers to take close-up photos, at a distance that they consider they are invading the space of the other person, because I have to say that in Cuba that supposed "security distance" or "space of security that people have" is smaller than in other countries.
The security distance In Cuba :  people talk to each other, dance close by, people touch each other, buses go full, in collective taxis people are touching each other, so do not think you're being rude, you're just being a photographer with intention in a country where it is not frowned upon that a foreigner takes photos of you.

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Street photography in Havana

photography of a barber shop in Havana by louis Alarcon



old american car through the frame of a cuban boy arm



cuban musician looking to a beautiful girl in vinales, by louis alarcon, street photographer



cuban children dress in white in a wedding in havana, street photography style in havana, cuba



group of cuban teenagers in havana streets by street photographer louis Alarcon



cuban couple and one extra man eating a sandwich, street spicy photography in Cuba



taking a bus in havana city, street photography tips in havana



street photography in havana about an old american car with people sleeping inside



old american car in havana , street photography in cuba



several cubans dancing , street multicolour picture



fruit shop in havana, street photography picture focus on street life


cuban boy and a green american car , practising street photography



fruit store indoors in havana, street photography in havana city



old lady in havana streets,  street photography in havana



playing domino in havana, street photography focus in cuban life



yellow cuban girl crossing a street in havana



cuban scenes, daily life with street cuban photography





drunk cuban people in a bar , session of street photography





cuban taxi window



cuban woman with a blue car and multicolour background



cuban people dancing really close











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