Advantages of an Electronic Shutter

Advantages of an Electronic Shutter in your camera

There are many tricks to do street photography in a discreet way. Some photographers like to work without hiding and some others prefer instead to shoot from the distance with large telephoto lenses.

In my particular case I think that we have to get closer to what you want to photograph. Cuba is still a paradise for making human photography and we have to exploit this advantage.
This is not easy to get in many countries, where laws and mistrust from people don’t work along with the street photographer.

That being said, I want to tell you that sometimes the sound from our cameras is too loud and can disturb the nature of the situation.

In 2016 I began a new photograph collection dedicated to the advantages of internet in Cuba, and especially about how videoconferences have managed to get families closer with relatives who had spent several years apart.

closer to this cuban revolution in a photocall

pictures of cuban connected to internet really concentrated in the call

Advantages of an Electronic Shutter in your camera

My goal is to photograph them closely in their private moments while they are near to their families thanks to internet. In those moments I found very useful a camera with an electronic shutter that does absolutely no noise. Thanks to that I was more respectful with them. I didn’t bother them in their conversations at all.

The advantage of silent cameras is applicable to any situation in which we are interested to be near to our photographic objective. Perhaps the only downside I've found are some color problems if photographs are taken in interiors.
In this case is better to disable the electronic shutter and switch to a normal one.

In certain photo shoots it is vital to work with electronic shutters because a great silence is required in order not to disturb and deconcentrate the models, as is the case of the Dervishes in Turkey that you can see here in Harry Fisch's photo tours.

Are there many historical or mythical photographs taken with telephoto lenses? Answer: not too many, so... don´t be shy, ask for permission with a simple look and get a little bit closer. 

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