Where to buy handmade crafts in Cuba

If you are vacationing in Cuba, something that can’t go amiss in your suitcase upon your return is a souvenir gift. Whether at the request of a friend or simply as a memento for yourself, buying handmade crafts can be a good choice for a gift.

In Havana there are four main artisan fairs; two in El Vedado and another two in Old Havana. At el Malecón, right by Paseo street, you will find the first; while you will discover the second one very close to the Habana Libre Hotel, at calle 23 between M and N, downtown. In Old Havana, the fairs are also located at very popular and touristic spots: the first one, and smallest, at bulevar Obispo between Aguacate and Compostela; and the second one at Avenida del Puerto, right across the Iglesia de Paula. This last fair is the newest of them all, and the largest, since it occupies long warehouses that used to store tobacco and wood.

Here you have a video where you can see all you can find there.

Where to buy handmade crafts in Cuba

Nevertheless, at many homes in Havana and along the streets you will also find handmade crafts on offer, with a selection as varied as t-shirts; berets; bags; handmade coconut, coral, metal or wood, and snail shell jewelry; paintings; books and old posters; seals; stamps… and a myriad of other items. It is advisable to go shopping at the Feria Antiguos Almacenes de Depósito San José at Avenida del Puerto, since by being the largest crafts fair, you will have more chances of finding something you like.

Here you will find from nice surprises starting at 1 CUC, to sales where by buying more than one item, you get a discount. During your tour, you will also find handmade crafts such as paintings by new painters and portraits of Cuban landscapes, famous places and people; historical and contemporary photographs; stylish sculptures; items of clothing and embroidery; gold and silverware; ornaments and jewels made out of seeds and snail shells; Afro-Cuban items; leather handicrafts; humidors made out of fine wood; typical Cuban hats… and other amazing crafts.

For your enjoyment, this fair is not just a crafts market; it is also a place of entertainment. When you consider that it is built on a pier at the shore of the bay of Havana, you will realize that you can breathe a fresh sea breeze across the entire facility. Furthermore, it has a large lookout point with a privileged view of the access to the bay of Havana, from where you will be able to see the ships arriving and departing the port.

Where to buy handmade crafts in Cuba

Additionally, if you are visiting Havana during May, you will be able to attend the “Arte para mamá” fair in Pabexpo (Avenida 17 and Calle 180, Playa) or in December, the Feria Internacional de Arte de La Habana, where you are sure to find a lot more beautiful crafts.


On calle 23, at the intersection with calle N you have another fair located in Vedado.

Under Hotel Nacional, next to Restaurante El Gato Tuerto there is also a small handmade crafts fair.

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